Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What time do I have to check in?
Please arrive at the check-in counter at least 1 hour before departure time. Check in counter will Close 30 minutes before departure time.

2.    What is the allowance for checked baggage in Yangon Airways?
The standard baggage allowance for Yangon Airways is 20kg for checked luggage and 7kg for in-cabin baggage.
Excess baggage will be charged accordingly, USD1-3 per kg depending on the destinations.

3.    Is an infant entitled to any baggage allowance?
There is no baggage allowance for infant.

4.    Terms and Conditions on board


Almost all portable electronic devices used by aircraft crew and passengers have not been designed to the stringent standards normally applied to aircraft equipment. By using portable electric devices in aircraft both in flight and on the ground, the radio signals transmitted from these devices can interfere with the navigational and communication equipment that may jeopardize aircraft safety. Therefore being Myanmar as the member of ICAO contracting states, Department of Civil Aviation has decided to follow the international convention and prohibit the use of portable electronic devices in public transport aircraft during the entire flight.

Portable electronic devices include, but only not limited to the following equipment.
1. Mobile telephone
2. Cellular telephone
3. Portable video equipment
4. Laptop or portable PC without printer
5. Electronic games, electronic calculators and electronic shavers
6. Cassette/CD/DVD/minidisk players (used electronic headphones only), MP3 players (used electronic headphone only).


Lost & Found

  • To report lost items, Please inform a member of our staffs immediately. Yangon Airways staff will guide you through the necessary procedures.
  • Please be informed that Yangon Airways is not responsible for any lost items.

Please note:

  • Lost items are unchecked items often lost at Aircrafts or airports.
  • Passport and Identification items may be handed over to the local airport authorities.
  • Unclaimed properties are generally kept for 30 days.
  • All items over 30 days will be disposed or donated.
  • Please note this may be subject to change in accordance with each governing regulations.

Reservation & Ticketing Procedure

The following procedure relating to rerouting, cancellation and refund for FIT and AD/ID passengers shall take effect from the 01 March 2009, and supersedes all previous procedure under reference No.012/YA(HO)102/03 dated the 01 August 2003.

Reservation & Ticketing Procedure

NO E-Ticket Charge USD

Name Change - Not allowed
   Rerouting - Not allowed
  Rebooking or Date change USD 5.00 Date change or even flight change on the same date
  Refund 25% 25% of the selling fare be deducted, and 75% refunded with YQ/YR and PSC.

Ticketing Time Limit

Ticketing Time Limit For FIT is 10 days before departure.

(If booking is made within 10 days before departure, ticket must be issued immediately after booking)

 Manual Ticket  Charge (Foreigner)
Charge (Local)
Name Change USD 10.00 - It is allowed only for one time if presented for name change before date of departure.
 Rerouting    MMK 3000.00

From Higher level to lower level

No refund of different fare on voluntary rerouting. No Admin charges collected.  


 USD 5 + different fare  

From Lower level to Higher fare level

To collect different fare plus USD 5.00 for admin charges.


 USD 5.00 Different fare plus MMK 3000

From/To same level

To collect USD 5.00 for admin charges.


Date change or rebooking USD 5.00 MMK 5000.00 To be collected if cancellation of the booking is made within 48 hours.
USD 10.00 MMK 10000/- To be collected if passenger fall to report the cancellation before departure. No show case.
 Refund 25% 25%  
Lost Ticket  USD 20.00  

USD 20.00 shall be leviedto issue the replacement ticket against the lost (Reported office is required to seek authority and ticketing detail of the lost ticket from the office where the lost ticket is originally issued.police report be collected from the passengers.)

Wrongly Issue Ticket MMK 500   MMK 500/ shall be levied for cancelling the wrongly written ticket if it is presented immediately after issuing wrongly. (The case pending a considerable long time shall be considered as a refund.)
Seasonal Ticket change  MMK 100/   MMK 100/ shall be levied for unused block tickets on seasonal expiry.


 NO E-Ticket/Manual Ticket








USD 5/-


25% of the selling fare to be deducted and 75% refunded with YQ/YR  and PSC tax.

Flight ticket with pax coupon must be presented within validity of ticket.

Regarding FOC ticket, Admin charges

USD 5/- or MMK 5000/- will be charged for refund.


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