Firefighter Career Vs Firefighter Calling

Firefighter Career Vs Firefighter Calling

Many may disagree with me when I say ” To choose a Firefighter Career is not real as it is not a career but a calling”

Like nursing services, policing services, and teaching is more of a calling than a career, the same way is firefighting a calling.

It is made up of a passion to help and to put your life on the line and in doing so, putting the safety and betterment of your fellow citizens before yours and to the best of your abilities.

That is why today across all these callings we find so much corruption, greed, and failures in handling the community and or fellow citizens happen.

A person that takes up one of these callings because it is their calling and not because they want a job (career) will inevitably be more of a true hero to the community in aiding when needed, for that specific calling, than a person that chooses these callings as a career.