How Is Pakistan Fighting Corruption?

How Is Pakistan Fighting Corruption?

The Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) is set out in the International Standards Organization 37001 standard. It provides procedures and protocols to deal with bribery.

Pakistan has lost billions of dollars due to bribery and illicit dealings by organizations and people with power or political influences. At present, the country has one of its former Prime Ministers, a former President, and scores of politicians and businesspeople under investigation over bribery and corruption allegations.

Bribery and corruption hurts the economy of Pakistan and results in the flight of capital overseas through money laundering. The current political regime of Pakistan wants to end corrupt practices in the country. At the forefront of this effort is the implementation of ABMS Pakistan protocols to implement anti-bribery measures.

The overall impact of implementing the ABMS standards will be a positive effect on the reputation of Pakistan all over the world.