How To Discover Cyber Threats

How To Discover Cyber Threats

How to Discover Cyber Threats?

with the ever-increasing online businesses and remote businesses growing at such speed so are the cyber world of theft, blackmail, and cyber destruction through viruses.

So how do businesses protect themselves and discover these crimes and even prevent it?

Well, they use what the old casino bosses in Las Vegas Nevada used.

Those who were caught card counting and or tricking the casinos were instead of locked up or “buried” were actually employed by the casinos as “watchers” as they knew all the tricks and in this way could catch any new tricksters and hustlers.

In the same way, businesses use caught hackers to not only discover new ways the hackers are getting in but they actually develop their own algorithms and programs that can search for any suspicious activity on and off-site through the servers and directly through the employees PC’s and or Laptops