How To Sign PDF Documents Digitally? Step-by-Step Guide

How To Sign PDF Documents Digitally? Step-by-Step Guide

In this digital world, there is no need to print a document and use a pen for adding your signature in it. Electronic files replace paper documents. These days, companies enter into contracts with freelancers and remote employees by sending them PDF files. Employees can sign PDF documents digitally. In case you have got a pdf contract, and it comes with a signature requirement, then you should know how to sign a PDF document.

Leave an Electronic Signature on PDF ( Windows and Android OS)
You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open your contract pdf file. The best thing about this Adobe program is that it not only lets you sign pdf documents but also renders many useful features. Here are some steps you need to follow to leave a signature on any PDF file.

First of all, you will download adobe acrobat reader application on Android OS or download its program file on your Windows OS running PC.
Launch Acrobat Reader.

Click on Open and choose a file where you want to create your signature.

Once the file is open, choose Fill & Sign from the top menu bar.

A click on Fill and Sign will open up multiple options from where you will choose Place signature.

Next thing to answer a question: How would you like to create your signature? Available options are: Type my signature; draw my signature; use a webcam; use an image; and use a certificate.

Select an option you like. However, type my signature is the easiest one to pick.

Review your signature and then choose the accept button.

As soon as you create your signature, you can adjust it in the signature field of your pdf document. All you have to do is to click on the signature field and add a signature you created.

It’s the simplest way to sign pdf documents.

Creating Signature on PDF document (macOS and iOS)
You can download adobe acrobat reader for iOS platform too. However, if you don’t want to use this application, then here are some steps that let you create a signature for a pdf file in an effortless manner.

Go to Pdf file, right-click on it and then open it with Preview (default)

Tap on the Show Edit toolbar icon.

Click the signature icon and then select create a signature from

FaceTime HD camera

Now take a piece of paper and leave your signature on it.

Keep that piece of paper in front of your camera. Make sure the alignment is perfect. Your camera will take an image of your signature. Once the image appears, click on the Accept button.

Now, this signature is saved.

Open the file and select saved signature from the menu and then put it on the exact place where you have to sign pdf documents.