Inspired Backyard Landscape Design

Inspired Backyard Landscape Design

Household garden spaces can differ massively in size and shape, but that shouldn’t deter anyone from pressing ahead with inspired backyard landscape design. The best designs feed off imaginative, out of the box thinking.

Irrespective of size or budget, there are so many simple actions that can totally transform a plot; although, any design should be undertaken with low maintenance in mind, together with functionality.

Consideration might be given to going vertical, after all there is usually limitless space heading north! Additionally, the right mix of colour, with perhaps the odd curve thrown in, can dramatically alter appearances.

Lighting is also a wonderful addition to the backyard landscape. Wrapped around a tree, fence, or even in a few pots, lighting will illuminate a space, in more ways than one. Add a little outdoor furniture and if budget allows, a water feature in proportion to the area being developed, and before you know it you’ll have your own little oasis.