Kittens For Sale -Tips For Buying A Healthy Pet

Kittens For Sale -Tips For Buying A Healthy Pet

Excited about adopting a kitten, ensure you buy a healthy pet. Apart from looking at a litter of kittens that have reached three months of age, checking out for some signs is also important to buy a healthy kitten.

1: Physical check-up

The kitten’s body should neither be too fat nor too skinny. It should have clean ears and soft fur with no bald spots. Ensure that the kitten’s anus is clean and it does not have a runny nose or is coughing or sneezing as it may indicate a respiratory infection.

2: Dental Checkup

Ensure that the kitten’s teeth are white and her gums are pink and not red or pale.

3: Personality check

Look for playful, well-socialized kittens that are curious, interested in knowing who you are. Kittens when picked up may feel a little wary initially, but ensure that they do not bite or hiss as this could indicate issues with severe nervousness or aggression.

There are many sources for buying a cat. Start by putting a word out among your friends, family, and neighbors. While there may be some who might have a cat or kittens for sale, there may be a few who know of someone who does. Getting a cat or kitten is from an animal welfare shelter or charity or a reputable and registered breeder is also highly recommended.