Phuket Diving As A Holiday?

Phuket Diving As A Holiday?

Is Phuket Diving a good idea as a holiday or recreation?

This is one of the best spots in the world to go diving, and one of the main forces that drive the Phuket business as a dive site adventure destination is that you get to go not only dive in the best site in the world like around the Andaman sea at Koh Phi Phi but also another famous site for its excellent clear warm water, Ko Lanta

From here it only gets better as all you need to do is include a day trip out to two of the other best sites around Phuket for any marine lover, whether for just seeing but photographer too, and that will be to go out to Shark point and also Anemone Reef

As far as sharks are concerned, Reef sharks are common in areas like the Phi Phi and Similan Islands but you will only come across them in daylight if they were disturbed by previous divers and they are now on the move to a different spot.