Smart Pots: A Cook’s Best Friend

Smart Pots: A Cook’s Best Friend

At first came the good old pots, which were pretty much where the primordial soups were made. Until smart pots came along, no cook had any idea how much more convenient making soups, boiling pasta, and steaming fruits and vegetables can be. And fun, too!

Pots with brains can tell you when the water is boiling. Even better, these mighty cookeries just know how to corner the fire or the stove better. So much so that cooking time can be drastically reduced to the modern chef’s delight.

Being the chef carries so many responsibilities well beyond the proverbial cauldron. Aside from the people or personnel management portion, there is of course the tastiness of the food to worry about. Knife skills are never enough.

In fact, a great restaurant lives by the edge of the knife each night. Burn a dish and it can be the end of someone’s career or employment. Amid such a harsh environment, reliable tools of the trade keeps the sanity going.