The Best Fidget Toys

The Best Fidget Toys

The Best Fidget Toys, calming and therapeutic, the items below are enjoyable to play with.

The Reversible Sequin Hand Fidget

Both calming and fun, made from the highest quality reversible sequined fabrics, gives the child the option to run their fingers across the one surface and then running the other side and recognizing the colors and textures.

It also comes with an elastic strap so that they can grip it properly without dropping it.
This is a very unique fidget that is both fun and calming. Made with high-quality reversible sequin fabric, children can run their fingers over the sequins to flip them back and forth to change the colors. There’s also an elastic strap on the back to hold it in place while playing with it.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty:

By giving the child to self regulate by allowing them to use it as a calming tool to manage anxiety as they can:

  • Squeeze,
  • pull
  • roll
  • and squish this putty to help manage anxiety
  • Manipulating putty helps a child focus or maintain attention.
    They also come in many different colors that are visually stimulating like
    Persian Emerald.

Play Foam

  • Fun tactile play foam
  • Roll it
  • squish and squash it
  • sculpt it
  • and squeeze this strange, fun textured bubbly foam.