The Evolving Role Of A Network Security Specialist

The Evolving Role Of A Network Security Specialist

The role of a network security specialist isn’t what it was ten years ago. The truth is that with the advent of new technologies, the specialist has become more of a jack of all trades. True, he or she still gets paid the big bucks.

In fact, network security remains as one of the top jobs in any economy. However, with relentless technological advancement, it will be impractical to concentrate on one aspect of the business such as proprietary or open source. It is certainly advantageous to have both tucked under your belt.

Luckily, despite all the technological flux, one thing has remained constant. Security is still the overriding concern of the role. Unfortunately, the word security is constantly being refined.

New certifications, standards, and protocols are being established. The term network itself is a-changing. LAN, WAN, MAN, the list goes on and on. And as hackers continue to grow in numbers, continuous reeducation or training is the name of the game for all digital security experts everywhere.