Why You Need Shower Screen Brackets

Why You Need Shower Screen Brackets

This is how shower screen brackets were born: frame-less glass shower panels were invented. And the rest is history. In fact, it has now become a question of who came first–the chicken or the egg?

If you’re designing your dream house, it won’t hurt to consider even the little things. For the shower, this includes selecting the perfect shower curtain. You guessed right. The curtain or curtains should match the hooks.

For best results, the bath tub, too, must be part and parcel of the same color scheme. You just can’t leave anything to chance, these days. And certainly not when it’s your job to design the perfect bathroom for a picky patron or client. Your career is at stake.

So understanding how the lowly bracket fits into the scheme of things is absolutely important. The bracket needs to hold the shower screen in place. And yet it doesn’t have to be fair and square. A fish or even dolphin design can definitely enhance overall appeal.